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Commission: Public Artwork: Memorial to “Red Dog”, life-size, Bronze sculpture. Paraburdoo WA.
Public Artwork: Wild Life Kangaroo sculptures, Mother & Joey, over life size bronze-Onslow.WA.|
Public Artwork: Wild Life”Australiana” sculptures- bronze larger than life.Port Hedland, South Hedland and Newman WA.|
Commission (private):
Portrait Bronze Head- larger than life.
HMAS Sydney Memorial, Geraldton WA: Tour Guide & Visitor Centre and public facilities.

Commission: “Memorial to the Unborn Baby”: St Patrick's Cathedral, Bunbury, WA. Bronze on Granite- 1.5. Meters high.

The “Path of Pain’ Lock Hospital Tragedy Memorial, Carnarvon WA.
Conceptual project comprising of:


  • a)The Path of Pain Meditation Walk- with individual chain seat  ‘Way Stations’, distributed at intervals.

  •  b) “Don’t look At The Islands”, life-size bronze sculpture group- at One Mile Jetty.

  • c) The “Aboriginal Healing Space”: Steel & Glass structure meeting place.

Commission:  Commemorative Black Swan Fountain: the Quadrangle at St. George’s College, UWA. Bronze & Stainless Steel: 2 Meters Dia.
Commission: Public Artwork: Developers Percent for Art: “Carnaby Tree Sculpture:Bennett Road – Cavarsham:   4.5 M high- cut from 12 mm plate steel, naturally rusted.
Commission: Memorial to HMAS Perth (I),  The Navy League of Australia HQ -W.A Riverside Road- East Fremantle WA. Steel and ceramic glass.15 Meters X 15m X 6m.|
Commission: Bletchley Park Primary School, Southern River WA Anzac Memorial “ horseshoe-bow string” sun dial, 12 MM Steel.2.5 M X 2.5M.
Commission: Gaelic Athletic Association “Wild Geese” Trophy: inaugural International Hurling Match, Sydney Irish Festival 2018. Silver, Bronze & Jarrahwood.
Public Artwork:ANZAC Memorial, Mild Steel, 10m x 3m, Upper Gascoyne WA
Commission: Developers Percent for Art : Maali Returning’ - 9m H x 2m Dia, Powder Coated Mild Steel & Copper, Ingot Hotel, Belmont WA

Commission: Public Artwork:West Australian Irish Famine Memorial, 8m Dia x 1.5m, Bronze and Granite, ‘- Subiaco WA
Commission: Public Art Work: Willem de Valmingh Memorial Re-location on new site, Granite and Steel, 10m x 8m high Riverside Drive WA
Commission: Archibishop Oscar Romero Centenary commemorative sculpture:
Bronze over life –size figurative sculpture.Holy Cross College College – Ellenbrook WA.
Commission: - Monsignor John Cyril Hawes and his dog, Dominie - Bronze life size figurative sculpture - St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral, Geraldton WA
Commission: Public Artwork:Binary Transition‘- “The Knutsford” Development North Perth



Commission: Monument to the Australian Sailor project - Sailor centerpiece  sculpture-
Bronze, 3.5 Meters high.
Commission: Public artwork-“Carnaby Calling” Black Cockatoo Concrete relief sculpture-2M high X 50M long. Georgiou Pre-cast facility, Hazelmere WA size:
Commission:. 50th Anniversary Sculpture –Sacred Heart College, Sorrento WA
Bronze life size figurative sculpture
Commission: Public Artwork: ‘Reflective Regeneration’ –Stainless Steel. 4M high X3M sq. Collie Art Gallery and Cultural CentreCollie WA

Commission Public Artwork:Binary Transition ‘- Knutsford Development North Perth Painted Steel  - 5m X 3m X 1m.
Commission: ' Watercourse Wildlife Sculpture series ‘– Tom Price Town Centre Mall  – Bronze over life size animals – Kangaroos – Emus – Goannas - Tom Price  WA
Commission Public Artwork: ' Black Swans Return’ 309-6b Bushmead Road Hazelmere WA Steel – 3x x 5m
Commission: ' Hugo Throssell ' - Anzac Memorial Bronze over life size statue Northam WA
Commission: ' ANZAC 100th Memorial ' - Ocean Reef WA-6M X 10M steel & glass.
Commission: 'Star of the Sea' - Brass,Copper & Stainless Steel –Torquay, Victoria.
Commission Public Artwork: ‘ Swan Flow- Swan Flux ‘ – Stainless Steel and Corten Steel 6m x 2m ( 2 no. ) – 140 Morrision Road Midland WA
Commission: 'Holy Spirit” Commemorative Centenary Sculpture- Church of the Epiphany Mundaring WA. Copper & Stainless Steel- 4 X 2 M.



Author: The Search for HMAS Sydney, An Australian Story - HMAS Sydney Book - Contributing Author Chapter 12  - ' The rest is Silence - NewSouth Publishing ' University of NEW Press Ltd - 2014
Commission: design ' Matthew Flinders Monument', Augusta WA steel & bronze-20M X 25M.
Commission:' Sydney Emden Friendship Mast'- Memorial to HMAS Sydney (1) and SMS Emden (1) Bronze & Stainless steel- 6.5M X 3M-Cocos Keeling Islands WA
Commission:' Pikeman’s Dog Memorial': re-imagined Eureka commemorative monument at :M.A.D.E. Ballarat Victoria Bronze, steel, Bluestone. 6.5M X 6.5M X 3M.
Commission Public Artwork: ‘Djalgarra'  Steel – 4m x 3m – Cannington Perth – WA


Commission: The Australian Sailor Monument, Rous Head Fremantle WA , Bronze, Steel, Granite, 25m x 25m x 10m

Commission: 'Nexus', 95 Belgravia Street, Belmont WA, Steel ,12.5m x 3.2m x 3m
‘Axis Matrix’ - 137 Newcastle Street Perth WA. Ceramic Glass Artwork 16 M h X 16M wide

Commission: 'ANZAC 100th Memorial' - Swansea RSL NSW -6M X 6M-Steel.



Competition Winner: ‘ Energia ‘ stainless steel, gold leaf, 8m x 2.5m.
Commission: ‘HMAS Sydney Memorial Denham’, Shire of Shark Bay: Stainless steel & Glass. 10M. long X 2.5 M high
Commission : ‘ Souls entwined ‘ Bronze - 1.5 x 1.5 - Private
Commission : ‘Jane Brook development - Stage 2 – Sculpture 1: Environmental Flora and Fauna Sculpture, steel and limestone, Sculpture 2 – The Elder, limestone 3m x 5m Jane Brook WA



Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow 2012 – to Joan Walsh-Smith
Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow 2012 – to Charles Smith

“ in appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations amongst peoples of the World " Rotary International




Commission: Construction HMAS Sydney Memorial Geraldton WA: ‘5th Element’ commemoration ‘Finding of the Sydney’. Geraldton WA
Commission : ‘ Reed Sculpture – Nobu Restaurant, Burswood Perth‘pt 1 – steel 17m x 6m  pt 2 – steel 6 m x 4.5m
Commission : ‘ Historical Narrative Solar Clock ‘ 15m x 7m H. Steel, Granite, Jane Brook
Commission : ‘ Wildlife Series ‘ 2 m High x 10m long. Steel, Jane Brook WA
Commission : ‘Cemetery Gates & Parameter Railings 3.5m high x 30m long, Steel, Onslow
Commission : ‘Directional Compass Rose ‘ 2m wide x 1.5m high, Bronze and Steel, Onslow
Commission : ‘RSL Memorial Bench, Bronze Limestone, Onslow
Commission: ' The 2011 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA



Commission : ‘Axis Matrix’ 137 Newcastle Street Perth WA. Glass 15.5 M h X 6M
Commission:’ Vermillion Vortex’ 255 Newcastle St. Perth WA. Red painted steel - 4M  X 2.5M X 1.5M.
Commission  HMAS Sydney- AFL Commemorative Trophy: Bronze and Jarrah.
Commission: St. Martins Properties, Perth: Entrance Statement Lobby Mural
Commission: Memorial to the Indigenous  Female Pearl Divers Broome: bronze 0n granite 3 m. high Bronze over life size on granite.2.5 M high
Commission: ' The 2010 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA


Finalist: ' St. George and the Dragon ' International sculpture competition: Perth WA
Commission: Metallurgical Metamorphisis: CSIRO Waterford WA : Entrance Lobby mural-Aluminium-3M. H X 12M long.
Commission: Design: HMAS Sydney Memorial Geraldton WA: : ‘5th Element’ commemoration ‘Finding of the Sydney’.
Commission: Rabbit Proof Fence Commemorative Project: Stage 1: Cunderdin WA steel-30m long X 7 m high
Commission: ' The 2009 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA



Commission: Temple of Wine Saracen Winery, Margaret River, WA: Glass & Steel 10M dia X 5M high.
Commission: Hale School 150th Commemorative Sculpture: bronze & steel 4 M h X 5m w
Commission: Woodside Entrance Statement Karratha: Bronze goannas.
Commission: Peak Apartments Entrance statement Mural: 6m H X 2.5 M w. Stonecast.
Commission: Peak Apartments Entrance statement: ’Moonrise’: s.s. & welded steel gates
Commission:Cottesloe Golf Club Centenary Sculpture Cottesloe WA Copper 2m high
Commission: No.3.Gum Nut Fountain Sculpture High Wycombe Roundabout - Bronze & Steel.
Commission: ' The 2008 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA


Commission: Design: Sapphire Clock Tower: New Metrorail: Wellington St.Perth ( work in progress-2009)
Commission: de Vlamingh Memorial - Steel - Granite - 10 m diameter - City of Perth
Commission: Foundation Professors Commemorative Walk:- Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry University of Western Australia 12 No. Bronze: twice life size bas relief portraits.
Commission:' The 2007 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA


Commission: Percy Button: Bronze over life size: Hay St. Mall - Perth City Council - Perth WA
Commission: Septimus Roe Heritage Piazetta Adelaide Tce. relief 4M. dia. Bronze & Steel - Perth WA
Commission: ' Free as a bird ' Laurance Winery - W.Australia 10M high
Commission:' The 2006 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA


Commission: John Curtin Memorial – Fremantle WA
Commission: St. Martins Properties, Perth WA
1) 3 No. interior copper murals; (historical narrative)
2) Large exterior steel 12 M. high X 30 M. long (historical narrative)
3) Footsteps in Time’: 5.No. larger than life bronze figures St. Geo. Tce.Forecourt Sculpture.
Commission: ' The 2005 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA
Commission: Commemorative Sculpture to the ‘ Migrant Children ‘ Dept of Community Development. – Fremantle Maritime Museum.
Commission: May Gibbs Commemorative Sculpture – Bronze life-size – Windsor Park – South Perth
Commission:' The 2005 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA


Commission: No. 2 Gum nut Fountain Sculpture - Bronze & Steel. Forrestfield Entrance Roundabout
Commission:' The 2004 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA


Commission: ' Dolphin Memorial ' - bronze & granite, 3m high - Hillary's Boat Harbour
Commission: ' No. 1 Gum Nut ' Fountain: bronze, 2m high, Shire of Kalamunda, W.A. Commission: ' Reclining Kangaroo Sculpture': bronze, over life-size, Perth Zoo
Commission:' Circle of Time’ :6 No. Relief Panels, 6 x 2 m, Stone cast:Town of Victoria Park - WA.
Commission: ' Dolphin Memorial ' - bronze & s.s. steel, 3m high - Hillary's - WA
Commission:' Fenian Memorial ' Bronze, Catalpa Beach, Rockingham, WA
Commission: ' The 2003 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA


Commission: ' Moon Bear ' Sculpture Series - Bronze - Hong Kong.
Commission: ' Wild Geese bronze Sculpture Series ' - Celtic Club ' -Perth - WA.
Commission: ' HMAS Sydney II Memorial, Geraldton WA - Silver Gull Seies
Commission: ' Cygnet'': ' Citizen of the Year Commemorative Sculpture Fountain: Youth Category: bronze, 7m wide. Burswood Park, Perth, Australia.
Commission: 'The 2002 Citizen of the Year Awards', 7 No. Bronze & Granite, Perth. W.A.
Commission:' Reflections', entrance statement - Fox River Wines - Mirror Stainless Steel Mt.Barker - WA
Commission: ' The 2002 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA


Completed: H.M.A.S Sydney Memorial ' , Mount Scott,Geraldton, WA* Overall designers Memorial Precinct* Sculpture No1: ' The Sanctuary: ' Dome of Souls ', Stainless Steel & Granite 10m high.* Sculpture No 2: ' Wall of Remembrance', Granite, 26m x 2.4m* Sculpture No 3: ' Stele' : Stainless Steel, 19m high* Sculpture No 4: ' Waiting Woman ', bronze over life size.
Completed: ' Olympic Torch Commemorative Sculpture', bronze 2.5m high. Burswood Park Perth, WA
Commission: ' Olympic and Paraolympic Walkway': Burswood Park, WA
Commission: The 2001 Citizen of the Year Awards, 7 No. Bronze & Granite, Perth. W.A.
Commission: ' The 2001 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA


Commission: ' H.M.A.S Sydney Memorial ' , Geraldton, WA
Commission: ' Kangaroos - Mothers & Joeys' :Bronze 2 No. 1.5 m high, City of Perth, St. Georges Tce, Perth, Australia.
Commission: ' Elemental Transition ' City Plaza: Copper, 4 No. 3m x 1m: Hong Kong
Commission: The 2000 Citizen of the Year Awards, 7 No. Bronze & Granite, Perth. W.A.
Commission: ' The 2000 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA


Commission: Private: ' Life-lines' - Stone cast: 2m high, Perth, Australia
Commission: Pearl Diver Memorial, life-size, bronze, Broome, Western Australia.
Commission: 'Memorial to the Eureka Stockade' : Bronze, Steel, Stone, Eureka Stockade, Ballarat, Vic
Commission: The 1999 Citizen of the Year Awards, 7 No. Bronze & Granite, Perth. W.A.
Commission:' The 1999 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA


Commission: The Hanshin Awaji Earthquake Memorial, Kobe, Japan.Bronze and Marble 3.5m high.
Commission: 'Paddy Hannan' Bronze 2.2m high, Burswood, Perth, Australia
Commission: ' Paddy Hannan' Bronze relief, 1m x .5m, Burswood , Perth
Commission: Dame Mary Durack OBE, Bronze Bust, Hall of Fame Qld, Aust.
Commission:Dame Mary Durack OBE, Bronze Bust, W.A. State Library, Aust.
Commission:' Beyond Reality ' : Stainless Steel 6 Figures 2.2m high, Parmelia Hse, Perth
Commission: 'Upwardly Mobile' Copper Murals, City Plaza, Hong Kong.
Commission: The 1998 Citizen of the Year Awards, 7 No. Bronze & Granite, Perth. W.A.
Commission: ' The 1998 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA


Winner: Stirling Gardens Public Sculpture Competition: Kangaroos, 3N0. kangaroos 2.4 M.high, bronze, St.Georges Tce. City of Perth, Perth WA
Commission: The 1997 Citizen of the Year Awards, 7 No. Bronze & Granite, Perth. W.A.
Commission: ' The 1997 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: Celebrate WA


Commission: 'Centennial Golfer' over-life Size Figure: Bronze: Burswood Park, Perth.
Commission: ' RSL Memorial', Stone Cast & Bronze, 10m high Joondalup, Perth.
Commission: 1.'De Vlamingh' over-life Size Figure: Bronze 2. Swan, over-life size, Bronze, Burswood Park Heritage Trail . Perth, WA
Commission:: ' The 1996 Citizen of the Year Awards' Bronze & Granite: City Of Perth.
Commission: 4 no. Copper Murals, 4m h.'City Plaza", Hong Kong.


Commission: Burswood Park Heritage Trail Stage 2: Five Bronze life-size figures: Perth
1. 'The Story Teller : Mary Durack ': (2 figures.)
2. 'Hop Scotch': (3 figures)
Commission: ' Regional Development Award Sculpture': bronze & granite, Perth,
Commission:: Shangri - La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.
1: ' Metropolis ' : Relief Mural: Copper & Cold Cast Bronze., 4m x 4m:
2 No. Over-life size figures: Cold Cast Bronze
3: ' Centerpiece': Illuminated Acrylic: 2m x 1.5m x 1.5m
4: ' Deconstruction': 2 No.Cold Cast Bronze Reliefs, 2m x 1.5m
5. ' Melody Series'-4No. Copper & Textile, 2m x 1m
6. ' Robot Orchestra": Textile, 3m x 1.8m


Commission: Private Water feature: Bronze 2m high, Ocean Beach, Perth WA
Commission: Crucifix: bronze, 2m.H. Gidgegannup Community Church: WA
Commission:' Journey to the West':Stonecast Relief :7m x 2m. Fung Tak Park. Hong Kong.


Commission: Concept Plan ' Artworks', West Perth Urban Design Study, Perth, Australia
Commission: 8 No. Murals: Polished Copper: Swire Properties,City Plaza: Hong Kong
CCommission: Gold Coast Resort: Hong Kong: 1) Swan Fountain 1. 8m x 5m . 2) Salmon Water Feature: 15m long


Commission: Circle of Time, Steel Time Piece & Stone-cast relief, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Commission: Burswood Park Heritage Trail ,Stage 1: Bronze over life-size figures:
1. Paddy Hannan
2. Henry Camfield
Commission: Limited Edition:100. Solid Silver Swan Sculpture: Perth Mint, Australia


Commission: ' Nancy Bird-Walton' Aviatrice, Bronze Portrait Bust, Power House Museum, Sydney NSW.
Project Concept Plan: 'Burswood Park Heritage Trail': Perth, Australia
Commission: Swan Pavilion: Burswood Park: Perth, Australia


Commission: 'Zest for Life' award


Finalist: National Competition- Memorial to Vietnam Veterans, Canberra, Australia
Winner: Hyde Park Sculpture Competition. Perth, WA
Commission: End of Service Medallion - Australian Army, Australia.


Commission: 'The Tammin Bi-Centennial Sculpture', Bronze & Stonecast, 10m h, Tammin Western Australia


Winner : 'National Memorial to the Australian Army', Anzac Parade, Canberra, Australia
Commission: Memorial: Australian Women Pilots Commemorative Sculpture, Outback Heritage Museum Queensland, Australia
Commission: Commemorative Bronze Relief, 2m h, All Saints Church, Greenwood, WA
Commission: Citizen of the Year Sculpture Fountain, 'Swans', Bronze, 10m h, Burswood Park, Perth, Australia


Commission: ' Spirit of Timber', Jarrah, 4m h, Mundaring Shire Offices, Perth, Australia
Commission:' Pioneers', Bronze Relief, 6 x 3m, Forrest Centre, Perth, Australia


Commission: 'Seascape ' Relief Mural -Stone Cast, 50 Sq.m, Perth, City Beach, WA


Commission: Historic relief: stonecast, 2m x 24m, Ossary Bridge, Kilkenny, Ireland
Commission:'Triple Infinity', Steel Sculpture, 4m x 4m x 4m IBM HQ, Ireland
Exhibited: Galleria Rot, Marbella, Spain


Exhibition: Representing Ireland , 'Arteder 83' Feria Internacional de Bilbao, Spain
Exhibition: Galleria Segrellas del Pilar, Valencia, Spain
Exhibition: Feria Patum, Museum of Berga, Barcelona, Spain.
Award: Mostra Internacional de Desenho,'Tijuca '82', Brazil.


Exhibited: 'Arteder 82', Feria Internacional de Bilbao, Spain
Commission: Memorial to the Dying Elm' Cuchulainn', Elm- 5m h, Prime Minister of Ireland.
CCommission: ' Trinity', Stone-Cast Fountain, 3m x 4m, Clare Co. Council, Ireland


Exhibition: Bank of Ireland Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
Installation: 'Earth Mother', 22m, Spraycrete, Tulfarris Sculpture Park. Dublin, Ireland
Exhibited: 'Art in Sport', Tulfarris Art Gallery, Ireland
Commission: Stone Relief, Hugh Faringdon Comprehensive School, England
Commission: Stone Cast Sculpture, IDA Industrial Estate, Waterford, Ireland


Commission: 1. ' Fountain of Knowledge', Stonecast, 2.4m.h.,Presentation Convent, Ireland
Commission: 2. ' Inspiration', Steel, 5m, Presentation Convent, Wexford, Ireland
Exhibition Solo: 'Fragments of a Woman' Heineken Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland


Commission: Private, lived and worked, Marbella, Spain


Winner:National Fine Arts Competition Ireland ' Bird of the Golden Land ', Flying Free :bronze: Winner:, Ireland
Exhibition: Solo: Marbella, Spain.
Commission:: Private, lived and worked, Marbella, Spain.


Commission: 'River of Life', 8m x 2.4m. Textile Mural, Mercy Convent, Dungarvan, Ireland


Commission: 'Tree of Knowledge': 5m x 3m, Fabric Mural, Mercy Convent, Waterford, Ireland
Commission: Scultpured head: 'St Oliver' : bronze, Cathedral, Waterford, Ireland


Exhibition: 'Architectural Projects' Churchhill House, Belfast, Nth.Ireland
Commission: 'Queen Maeve' Stone Relief 3 x 2.5m. Clare Co. Council, Ireland.
Commission: European Underwater Diving Championships Awards. Ireland


Winner: ' City People', Concrete Relief Wall, 30m. Art in Context: Public Sculpture Competition, Northern Ireland Arts Council.


Commission: Stone carving: 'Gryphon': 3m x 2m,Northern Bank Ltd, Waterford, Ireland


Graduated: National College of Art and Design, Dublin





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