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'Carnaby Tree'- Public Sculpture

A Developer's Percent for Public Art Project

Artists Concept


The design is formed into a sculptural ‘tree’ fashioned from steel, cut into the shapes of
 Carnaby Black Cockatoos.


The theme of the Artwork has been inspired by our research into the surrounding area with particular reference to the heritage of this region as a flight path of the Carnaby Black Cockatoo and it’s interaction with the Eucalyptus trees on the site.


Fronting onto Bennett Road we feel that this visually arresting image will be a constant reminder to passing traffic of the fact that these beautiful creatures should be honoured, remembered and celebrated as the ancient custodians of this place.


The sculpture is trefoil in plan and cut from 12 mm plate steel, naturally rusted and then sealed with Penetrol coating and the structure fabricated to Engineers detail.


Joan Walsh-Smith
Charles Smith









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