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Energeia - Karrartha

Artists Concept


Title:” ENERGEIA”. 


Energetics: “The principle of energetics is the successive stages in the flow of energy through the biological microcosm”. ( Albert Lechninger)


Conceptually, roundabouts are particularly intriguing within an urban context.  Essentially, a motorist will never have the same experience twice, since the components of the whirling elements will never be reproduced again.


Obscure as this concept might be, it has an intrinsic bearing on the creative approach an artist brings to a relevant response to the flux and flow, of what is essentially, a dynamic vortex of urban energy.


Our approach, is to visually capture and reflect this fast flowing energy and combine it with the underlying dynamic of what the Community of Karratha is becoming: a vibrant hub and conduit of vital hydrocarbons being harvested from the bedrock far below, expressing essentially, the concept of ‘Energetics’ as the transformation of energy in its many forms.


Conceptually then, the jostling flow of vehicles circumnavigating the roundabout, we see as symbolic of the flow of energy, coursing through bundled pipework, ultimately feeding into the modern traffic system, which in turn spawned the roundabout in the first place: a wonderful example of circular synergy


All energy, in the form of hydrocarbons, originally came from the Sun.  Our sculpture expresses this extraordinary process, using a visual language of graphic pipe elements, within which is enmeshed a symbolic ‘golden ball of eternal sunshine’Importantly, it also symbolises the elements of organic growth, which are engendered by the Sun and are reflected in the form of the sculpture as it soars to the sky and back to the Sun itself, in a never ending rhythm of life.  These principles have been celebrated for many thousands of years by the indigenous inhabitants of the Pilbara, through the intense graphic repetitive elements of their artworks, who have kept alive this sense of place, by direct involvement and custodianship of this Land, their ‘Country’. The curving forms of the sculpture are a reflection of the continuity of this Sacred Custodianship in its most elemental and purest form.


These images also strongly refer to the molecular and catalytic reactions within the drilling and refining processes upon which Karratha, and the Shire of Roebourne, are rapidly becoming identified with, World- wide.


Through these symbolic forms, our sculpture seeks to visually capture the interactive dynamic synergy of contemporary Karratha, through the nexus of energy, propelling the vortex of hydrocarbon driven nodes, (vehicles) around the ubiquitous urban roundabout and in doing so, to fulfil the Artworks Commissioning






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