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Heaven and Earth

Artists Concept

This sculpture is a visual distillation and celebration of the concept of Feng Shui in it's purest sense. Feng Shui as it is referred to today, has older forms such as the classical Chinese reference 'Ti Li' meaning 'Land Patterns' or, Geography itself The oldest term for Feng Shui is Kan Yu" which has a number of interpretations, one of which is 'Heaven and Earth'.

Essentially, the sculpture is pure Feng Shui, in form, symbolism and function. The sculpture harnesses the 'Dragon Lines' of energy in the Earth under the site and visually interacts with the observer through this force.

To do this, all the elements needed are taken from nature, worked and shaped sympathetically, then fitted back into nature, in an aesthetically balanced form. Thus, the sculpture concentrates and integrates the very essence of Feng Shui, being perfectly positioned within the Park, and auspiciously aligned to take advantage of the energy and forces which bring good fortune, peace and long life.

The form of the sculpture is that of a tower in the shape of a cone. This, in itself is emblematic of good fortune, holding within it, the symbolism of a vortex or spiral whorl that is the basis of the Creative Force. The tower shares the symbolism of the pillar, which is the World's Axis, the vertical axis which both holds apart and joins Heaven and Earth. It is also the ladder which is communication between Heaven and Earth.

The sculpture is formed in stainless steel which representing silver, is symbolic of the Lunar Yin and therefore 'purity' and 'brightness'. There is a matt surface finish which softens and echoes the delicate reflective glow of the moon and the water, which flows over the surface and into a pool below. The form is visually balanced to reinforce the interconnection between the Earth upon which it rests and the Heaven from which all power which flows Surmounting the tower is a Sphere, gilded in pure gold. This represents the Sun and the Heavens, balancing as harmonious Sun Yang with the silver Lunar Yin. It therefore symbolises, Great Fortune showering upon the Earth, through the medium of the softly flowing water which rises at the top and clings to the form rippling into and disturbing the Reflecting Pool. This pool is long and low but contemplative and expressive of the contained power of nature, embodying the true meaning of Feng Shui by expressing the essential 'Chi', through the medium of wind and water.

The water itself represents the 'Yin' Lunar principle symbolised by the Trigram Kan which, with Fire as the Yang and Solar Power, combines with the Gold Sphere to create a powerful symbol.

Through the lower section of the cone, a tunnel is formed, allowing for the wind (the vital Breath of the Universe) to pass through and in keeping with the science of Feng Shui, find favorable aspects. In order to allow for the full expression of Feng Shui to manifest itself An assemblage of chimes has been constructed to hang within and form a musical wind sculpture thus enabling the Cosmic Currents to flow through. The sounds created by this element, will balance with and reflect the properties of the entire concept; tingling gently in a soft breeze or ringing through a storm: the Wind expressed as the Power of the Universe.

In this way, the sculpture becomes complete.

Joan Walsh-Smith

Charles Smith








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