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Journey to the West

Project Background

Title: Journy to the West

Located:Fung Tak Park Hong Kong

Date: 1994

Size: 7m x 2m

Medium: Stonecast Relief



The recreational amenities in Fung Tak Park feature selected episodes from a Chinese fairy tale, "Journey to the West".

The Park was built in 1994 It occupies an area of 1.1 hectares and has been developed in harmony with the natural topography there.

The Park is divided into four parts with specific themes:

(a) the birthplace of the monkey king: "Mountain of Blossoms and Fruits" and "Cave with a Veiling Cascade";

(b) the Palace of the "Dragon King" or "God of the Sea": "Palace of Crystal" and the mace which subsequently became the weapon of the monkey king;

(c) the place where the naughty monkey king is trapped: "Mountain of Five Fingers (of the Buddha)"; and

(d) the home of the "Bull Demon" and "Princess with an Iron Fan" (his wife): "Flaming Mountain".

Visitors will find the amenities of the Park created with the above themes, coupled with a modern design both interesting and refreshing




















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