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Kangaroos On The Terrace

Artists Concept



“The Mob” Kangaroos on the Terrace.

This public artwork celebrates one of the world’s most unique animals:
The Kangaroo. Captured in full flight, having been startled as it were, by the sudden appearance of noisy traffic - a vision from the future perhaps?- they bound through this highly structured modern urban space, like shadows from an ancient past; flashing across the inner eye; creating a startling visual counterpoint to their surroundings and an instant reminder that these magnificent creatures were migrating through this area from the Swan River foreshore, up through the chain of lakes upon which the City was built less than 200 years ago. Kangaroos foraged here for millions of years before our species, Homo Sapiens, emerged from the Savannahs of ancient Africa, a mere 150,000 years ago.  


A celebration of a true Australian Icon!


Concept - Design Philosophy

The Kangaroo Commission, with its brief to produce a public artwork based on the theme of Australian Fauna, provides a wonderful opportunity to create a powerful celebration of the Kangaroos. The design philosophy is based upon a double premise - that of: ennobling this most extraordinary creature creating a reference to the original nature of the site.

The Kangaroo is unique to Australia, being a national icon, yet is frequently treated in Australian Iconography as peculiar, idiosyncratic and a figure of fun. The Kangaroo is most often depicted in cartoon form. The time has come to rectify this attitude and to create an appropriate, dignified tribute to this distinctive, unparalleled animal.


Instead of denigrating Australia's most famous species of fauna, it should be glorified in all its majestic splendor. This work in bronze sets out to achieve this.

Beginning with other ' classical poses', i.e. the Drinking Kangaroo, and the Alert Kangaroo, ( a patrician gentleman - lording of the realm!), the mob is startled from its quiet feeding, ( by the echo of the traffic, perhaps from the future..?) and starts to bound away led by another large male.


The sight of such a running group, charging at full speed along the pavement on St. Georges Tce, beside Stirling Gardens, make a wonderful counterpoint to the intensely built up backdrop of the C.B.D. A flash across the eye, an instantaneous reminder of the original nature of the site, eons before humans, of any kind, set foot upon it.

Following on are ' the family', the mob of females and their young Joey's and even one 'in the pouch'. All these family members are included to make this a truly exciting work of Public Art, as well as an authentic recording of these magnificent animals as they move through the space, like shadows from the past, from the edge of the Swan river up along their ancient trails through modem Perth.

Joan Walsh-Smith
Charles Smith










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