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'Nexus'- Public Sculpture

A Developer's Percent for Public Art Project

Artists Concept



Taking the ethos of the City of Belmont as “The Gateway to the World”, the title “Nexus” emerged as a basis for the inspiration to design a dramatic sculpture to symbolize this dynamic Office Development.

Nexus, meaning: “link- connecting a group or series” is expressed in this  artwork as an intensely energetic, flight-like sculptural form, symbolizing this office development as a key element of the Belmont ‘Gateway’ concept whereby vital interconnections through major air, rail and road transport arteries ‘radiate’ outwards from this ‘Hub’.

The artwork seeks to visually capture this confluence of corporate energy while responding in a positive and integrated way with the triangular planes and design motifs of the architecture of the building behind. As such the sculpture provides a structural support for the entrance canopy without sacrificing any of its intrinsic aesthetic qualities. It also picks up the red colour accent thus visually becoming an extension of the elevation itself.

 This sculptural form, both physically and conceptually, has been designed to function on many different levels and can be configured in many different ways. In this manner we have developed a visual corporate ‘Language’ which has the potential to ‘speak’ to every aspect of the project throughout the ongoing development into the future. Thus ‘Nexus’ becomes a dynamic corporate brand with the potential to be developed in, essentially, limitless ways.



Charles Smith & Joan Walsh-Smith






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