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' The Elder ' - Jane Brook Public Sculpture Series

A Developer's Percent for Public Art Project

Artists Concept

The Elder -   “Right to Speak”


This sculpture takes its inspiration from the ancient indigenous practice of the  Aboriginal Elder, passing on specialized knowledge about the Land; the traditions connected to its custodianship and the transmission of this wisdom to younger generations.


Passive, in stylized form, the sculpture is energized by the interaction of visitors who enter its sheltering embrace, thus becoming a living part of this ancient indigenous tradition. Surrounding the figure are a series of forms which are a metaphor for ‘attentive listeners’, which when seated upon makes the sculpture come alive, with the physical reality of human interaction.


The sculpture is intended to be a powerful reminder of those who walked this Country first, and whose ‘Right to Speak’ of their ancient Culture is enshrined within this circle.




Charles Smith & Joan Walsh-Smith, Sculptors.


 November 2012







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