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Triple Infinity

Artists Concept


The brief for this commission was to create an artwork which defined the site in it's historical and contemporary context.

In drawing upon Celtic heritage for inspiration a synthesis of ancient and modern idioms was evolved which resulted in an apparent 'high-tech' abstract sculpture. In actuality this work is a simple, ancient Celtic triple knot, 'turned' through three dimensions. Tripelism is a common feature of Celtic Iconography. In this case, The Triple Knot, as a continuous unbroken form, serves as a major symbol to link the past with contemporary Ireland. The knot itself is a symbol of continuity and connection.


As the location of this sculpture is near the IBM building at the entrance of the South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin, it stands as a potent symbol for contemporary Ireland and its success in the world of Information Technology.


Joan Walsh-Smith
Charles Smith








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